Some of our patients have submitted their experience at our office, please read below.

Alan has been our family dentist for 18 yrs. He is a super guy, very genuine, with a great sense of humor. He has been very kind and generous to our family. He pretty much did the work of a specialist just about completing a root canal for me at no extra charge, I really can't say I know too many who would do that, and not charge!!! His whole team of staff are very caring and friendly. We are always greeted with smiles, great front desk staff, Jen and Jane. Speaking for myself, and my receding gums, thank-you ! thank-you! you wonderful hygienists for taking the extra time to scale my teeth manually, it is so appreciated! I always try to make a point of telling you that. It really does put me at ease. I highly recommend this Dental practice.

Thank-you guys!!!
Mark and Tina Chevalier

Hi Alan and Staff,

From the moment one walks into your office and see lovely Jennifer's lovely smile and friendly welcome to the time Alan says " OK...we are all done.. let the freezing wear off before you eat something" it's a pleasure to be with all of you. 

Jennifer has the ability to make the office warm and friendly and makes the extra effort to make everybody feel like they are very special. With all the time she spends making everybody feel welcome and relaxed,Lorraine andI wonder how on earth she still gets through her work with all the attention she gives the clients.

Both the lovely sparkling assistants (the we have worked with) are so caring and it feels more like a spa than a dental office... until one are ripped back to reality by the sinning drill in the second office:) Great job ladies, thanks for all the interesting chats and special care.

Both Lorraine and I have had an unpleasant experiences in dental offices before. Alan has been different in so many ways. He acts very professional, yet makes one feel like you are chatting to an old friend and makes you feel comfortable and his calm demeanour instils our confidence in him. What impressed us most is his ability to make one maintain your dignity. Sitting there with an open mouth with only one third of the teeth still intact is not exactly a position that make one feel like you are on top of the world... :) To say the least, its embarrassing and one feel very vulnerable. But somehow Alan makes one feel like you are a someone special and someone he cares about. He is constantly checking with us as he is working if we are alright and comfortable. We love the way he explains his work and show us on the computer screen what he has done. Lastly but not least, we appreciate that Alan has an appreciation for the finances of his patients. The options he offer for work that need to be done includes a range of options of which some always fall within our financial abilities.

Thanks Alan and staff... you have made the visits to the dental office a pleasure instead of a terrifying and embarrassing experience. 


Sarel & Lorraine